#101 of the Handmade Ann Bosworth Jewelry Collection!

12.5 Inches

Black and gold link chain with a matching black and gold designer bead pendant that opens and closes!

Essential for the purse lover!


   Ann Bosworth

"I have always been interested in color, design. and nature. I have a degree in Textiles, Clothing, and Related Arts from Michigan State University. I never was interested in jewelry until my husband and I were transferred to Singapore in 1996. We lived there for five years and visited most of the Asian countries. I joined a Museum Study Group in Singapore. I met delightful women from all over the world and was asked to do research on the history of beads.

Little did I know that it would take me on a beading journey of almost twenty years! My research opened my eyes in to the world of beads and I started collecting in all the Asian countries we visited. I still collect in the U.S. towns we visit and have been fortunate to go to Africa, Mauritius and several of the European countries as well. I fill in with some online purchases too.

I have taken jewelry classes in Singapore, Michigan, Boston, Tucson, and Atlanta. This is a hobby for me. I love sharing my love of beads with others.I make "one of a kind" pieces that are not seen elsewhere."

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