We're Here!

It's been a few years of being Rachel Remington Design and finally, thanks to Remington and Squarespace, I believe our working website has finally come to be.  We are excited to finally be up and running and to be to able express ourselves and share our ideas and favorite items to sell. Our site will contain a portfolio of Interiors, Art and Graphics. All of which have been created by Tracey Smith, Remington Collins or Rachel Collins, and Michael McCormick.  

I am the Mom, Tracey.  Remington and Rachel are my daughters. Michael McCormick is our go to guy for installing light fixtures and window treatments, creating beautiful reclaimed wood walls and furniture to building industrial inspired shelves.  Really he makes just about anything we can think up, happen. We are a resourceful and creative group that make an interior a home or an inspirational and beautiful place to work! We have created logos and graphics to brand your business.  We have painted faux concrete walls mixed with a little glamour.  Sketched images blown up to large framed canvases.  Made mittens and jewelry. Pillows and Bedding. Occasionally, we all sit around and just make cards. Something the kids have done since they were children.  Besides our own creations, the store and site will offer some of our favorite artisan pieces.  Potters, Jewelers, Upholsters, Woodworkers, Artists and Clothes Designers will all find some space in the shop as well as our virtual home.  So stop by the store if you are in Dahlonega. Stop on the site now and then to see what we are up to. We are on Facebook and Instagram and will post regular creative rants.